Team Leader and the Crusaders - a winning formula.

It's all about leadership and teamwork.

It's all about leadership and teamwork.

Commentators often look at the Crusaders and wonder why they are consistently good.

It is no accident.

Behind the scenes, there is considerable effort put into building the human side of the team. Yes, skills matter, and this is a huge focus for the team. But it's the way that they interact as humans that makes the real difference, both on and off the field.

Team Leader has worked with the Crusaders for a number of seasons, helping to build the team's culture, and in particular the creation of an environment of high trust.

This year, Team Leader was selected to design and deliver an Emerging Leaders Programme for the Crusaders. This is an ongoing programme for a small number of the Crusaders who have achieved All Black selection, and are seen as future leaders, not just in the Crusaders and All Blacks, but in the wider rugby environment.

You too can offer your emerging leaders access to the same world-leading leadership development. Team Leader is running a second Leadership 101 Programme commencing in July, and based in Lincoln. This is a public programme, and there are limited spaces available.

Read about the Leadership 101 Programme here, and contact Team Leader for more details.