Rob Hoult is an accomplished speaker on leadership. His talk on leadership at the 2014 Christchurch TEDx remains a talking point for being impactful and empowering.

Spending thirty years in uniform as an NZ Army officer has given Rob a wealth of leadership challenges and stories to draw upon. His experience in senior roles on demanding multi-national operations has given him insights into leadership and culture that few leaders are exposed to in their lifetimes. This is backed up by his practical experience of delivering leader development in the NZ Army for over a decade, including the implementation of a world-class leadership framework into the NZ Army between 2007-12, which now forms the basis of the leadership framework adopted by the NZ Defence Force.

Rob has the stories to back up the theories. He is available to speak on a limited basis. He is selective in who he speaks to, preferring to share his stories with those who share his passion for growing leaders and enriching lives.

Contact Rob if you want to be inspired.