Embracing constructive feedback - one of life's great challenges!


There has been so much written about the importance of developing self-awareness - especially for leaders.

Having a good handle on how others see you is critical is you want to have any chance of influencing others; it simply increases the chances of ‘hitting the mark’ with the right sort of behaviour in order to achieve the effect you desire.

This article adds to the mix, and offers sound advice on a very simple response that we could adopt when we receive feedback that isn’t necessarily what we want to hear…


Running is good for your brain!


As a runner, it is reassuring to read about the benefits of running.

As with all areas of human performance, there are more and more studies available that should nudge us towards being regular exercisers. See the article below - it pulls together quite a few recent studies.

I strongly encourage the leaders I work with to become habitual exercisers; it’s good for them, and it’s good for the people they work with.

I’ve always enjoyed running above most other forms of exercise - but there’s something about the simplicity, speed (well, that’s a relative term…) and sense of exploration.


Communicate like a Buddhist


At its very core, my work with leaders and teams focuses on the ability of people to build and maintain relationships. This should not be a surprise to anyone, as we often talk about people (and bosses in particular) as being the source of most stress in the workplace.

One of the key tools in building and maintaining effective relationships is the ability to communicate, and I think this article sums up pretty well what it takes to communicate effectively.