We use personality and reporting tools that are robust, scientifically valid and easily understood.

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We all have a view on ourselves, and we call this our ‘Identity.’ Our identity is the view from the inside – the ‘You’ that you know. It concerns your hopes, dreams, aspirations, values, fears and theories about how to get ahead, and find meaning. Identity is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Sigmund Freud takes the view that our identity is at most interesting, but largely of little value to us, or others.

What is of more use is the view from the outside – what others think of us, the ‘you’ that ‘we’ know. This concerns the person that others think you are, and is based on your behaviour and actions, seen over time.

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We call the outside view ‘Reputation’ - this describes past performance and behaviour, and we use this to predict future behaviour.

Reputation is important to us, as it is how others see us that determines whether we are hired, fired, respected or hated. Reputation is our personal ‘brand.’

In order to lead successfully, we need to ensure that our identity is aligned with our reputation. We need to understand how others see us, and what behavioural changes will help us to grow in effectiveness. This is the essence of the term ‘self-awareness’ and it is a critical building block in the makeup of the successful leader.

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At Team Leader we use only the best available tools to help you understand yourself. There are many psychometric and 360 reporting tools on the market, but like any area of life, you pay for what you get. Many are poorly designed, scientifically flawed, and pseudo-psychology. They hinder rather than help.

We use the Hogan range of personality tools. These are robust, easy to interpret and are the choice of organisations that understand the value of quality psychometric tools.

For 360 reporting, we prefer to use the Kaplan de Vries Leader Versatility Index report. This relatively new report correlates with the Hogan personality measures and together they are a powerful combination.

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