Leadership 101 Workshops - Learning to Lead

Leadership 101 workshops prepare leaders to lead with confidence. Too many so-called leadership programmes are good at telling you 'what' leaders do, but that's as far as they go.

Team Leader goes much further - we also focus on the 'why' and 'how' of leading.

We start with building an understanding of the fundamentals of human group behaviour, drawing on the latest research from the fields of psychology, sociology and neuroscience. We then introduce to you the very best proven leadership models and tools that are used by effective leaders and teams. Finally, we back the theory up through scenarios and discussions that allow you to confidently apply your new knowledge to your own situation.

Over the next few weeks, Team Leader will introduce to you some of the great tools and models that we use. Of course, you'll need to enrol in a Leadership 101 workshop to get the full benefit of being able to learn and utilise what we show you.

This week, we explore a model that helps us understand the importance of building trust.

Recent years has seen an exponential growth in research into what trust is, and how it is built and maintained. It's probably fair to say that every successful relationship is founded on trust, which of course means that if there is no trust, there is no meaningful relationship.

The Canadian Military Forces have invested heavily in this area, and this is hardly surprising given the nature of the military environment, and the extraordinary pressures placed on people. Subsequent academic studies have strongly reinforced the original findings.

The Canadian research found that there were four universal factors that are necessary for there to be trust between two people. These factors are competence, integrity, predictability and benevolence.

Intriguingly, the research shows that whilst the four factors are all necessary for there to be trust, they don't always have equal importance at any one time, and this all comes down to context.

Some factors are more important when first building a relationship, others are more important once the relationship has been established.

The key to building and maintaining trust is in knowing the behaviours that underpin each factor, as well as knowing when each of the four factors matters most.

Do you want to learn more? Join Team Leader on a Leadership 101 course and learn more about this powerful model, and how to use it be become a more effective leader.

Our next Leadership 101 course is held 3-5 May in Christchurch. Places are limited, so book your seat now.