Feedback from a happy Leadership 101 Workshop participant

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OK, so I don't have the Don's approval yet, but neither has he called me short and fat.

It's always gratifying to know that your efforts can make a difference. Here's what Grant says after being on the most recent Leadership 101 Workshop, run over the dates 7-9 November 2017.

Rob, I just wanted to feedback to you how helpful I found last week’s Leadership 101 workshop. It would be fair to say that my team here have already seen a change in how we approach things. Have been really intentional about working on my goals and took you at your word to make changes straight away. I can already see improvement in communication around the laboratory and engagement of staff. It is interesting watching their tentative steps to push themselves into areas where they felt they couldn’t go and also the surprise on their faces when I ask them what kind of solution would work best for them! Early days but lots of positives for me and my team. Have also had feedback from others in the building saying that they would like to get on this workshop so will follow up with my line manager here.

Grant, Manager, Canterbury District Health Board