Leaders for Life - The Team Leader 'Why'

Every so often, someone that you work with on a leadership programme lets you know that you made a difference. When that happens, it validates your purpose and makes worthwhile all the challenges that you face in your work.

"Rob, thank you for starting me on a leadership/personal development journey this year through your sessions with the MEM class. Your sessions challenged me emotionally and forced me to look at my behaviour - something I have found extremely difficult (the hardest class of the year) but equally rewarding when we did the second ‘keep-start-stop’ on Wednesday to see some starts turn to keeps. 

I found you engaging and connected easily with you, your ideas and messages, something that at times I have struggled with throughout the year with other lecturers. 

Now, at a cross roads, of where my next adventure will take me I am thankful for the insight you have given me into the personal skills required by leaders people want. And perhaps without meaning to you have made me question my path and broadened my eyes into different fields. Helping others learn about leadership and grow to be the best versions of themselves is extremely appealing to me, now only to find where that fits within the strict, traditional world of civil engineering. 

Thanks for taking time to support our class, I hope to see you at our presentation day in November."

                                Emily, 2016 Masters of Engineering Management, University of Canterbury