Engagement is a Leadership Epidemic

Do your leaders spread the engagement epidemic?

Engagement is an epidemic when you have capable leaders.

If your workplace seems to lack purpose, morale and enthusiasm, it almost certainly also lacks leadership. This is because it is almost impossible to seperate leaders and engagement; leaders do the things that make people feel connected to their workplace.

Leaders articulate purpose (the reasons why we do what we do); leaders set an example of believing in their mission and working hard to achieve it; and leaders work hard to create the environment where each and every staff member feels connected to the team, and motivated to give their best effort for the team.

This is why leader selection and development is so critical to the success of your work area or business. Yet, as obvious as this is, it is seldom done well. We too often promote our subject matter experts, but neglect to build their expertise in working with others and leading the team.

Invest in your staff, or yourself, and join Team Leader on a Leadership 101 workshop. You won't regret it.