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Leadership 101: 26-28 September 2017, Christchurch

  • Lincoln Events Centre 15 Meijer Drive, Lincoln New Zealand (map)

Leadership 101: Tuesday 26 September - Thursday 28 September

Venue: Lincoln Events Centre, 15 Meijer Drive, Lincoln

Follow-Up Workshop: Friday 8 December 2017

Venue: Lincoln Events Centre, 15 Meijer Drive, Lincoln

Applications close: Monday 18 September 2017

Course cost: $2295 plus GST per person

The Course

Leadership 101 is likely to be the most important developmental investment that you make in your emerging or current leaders, as it introduces leaders to the realities of leadership. Leadership 101 builds understanding and expertise in the complex yet critical relationship between effective leadership, engagement, and business outcomes. Leadership 101 delivers on the why, what and how of leadership in a way that is easily understood, and successfully mastered. No fluff – just the real deal.

Leadership 101 is a three-day workshop that focuses on practical day-to-day leadership in the workplace, and utilises time-proven and relevant tools and models that work. Unlike other providers, Team Leader’s Leadership 101 includes a half-day follow up workshop at an interval of two months, where participants review and consolidate their collective learning and experiences.

Leadership 101 is designed primarily for those who are about to step up to a leadership role, or have recently been appointed to a leadership role. It is equally relevant to more experienced leaders who have not had a formal grounding in leadership, be they seasoned supervisors, mid-level managers or executives.